Warning Signs of Adolescent Self Injury


- Wearing long sleeves/long pants regardless of season. 

- Refusal to wear sleeveless or short sleeves tops, shorts, bathing suits.

 - Refusal to go swimming.

 - Avoiding exposure of certain body parts or demanding privacy when getting undressed

 - Wearing wrist warmers or wrist bands to cover the wrist.

 - Wearing gloves that have fingers cut off, or wearing socks on hand that has holes for fingers, thus covering the entire hand, wrist, and forearm.

 - Wearing inches of bracelets that cover wrists and refusal to remove them.

- Putting "thumb-holes" in sweatshirts so hands and arms remain covered.

- Carrying around or hiding knives, scissors, razors, box cutters, shards of glass, safety pins, tacks, or needles in bedroom, backpack, clothing,  or shoes. 

- Frequent accidents.

- Cuts that are parallel in a shape, design, pattern, or words

- Finding blood on towels, bedsheets, used tissues in trash cans.

- Wearing a large razor blade around the neck as a necklace.

- Frequent bruises, scratches, cuts, burns, broken bones or bandages followed by flimsy excuses like: "A cat scratched me," "I was climbing a fence,"  "I was making jello," or "I fell off a mountain".



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