The Happy Box

Another simple and easy strategy to use as a way to not harm yourself when you get an urge to do so.


- Get a box with a lid and decorate it any way you want. 

- Put anything in the Happy Box that makes you feel happy and puts a smile on your face.Examples would be photos, names of your friends, concert tickets, movie stubs, names of songs, jewelry, a rose, a pressed leaf from a tree.  You get the idea.

-Open your Happy Box and pull out everything in it whenever you feel that you want to harm yourself. Do this mindfully.

- Take out one thing at a time, look at it, touch it, sit with it as you reflect on its' meaning and remember why you chose to put it in the Happy Box.

Let yourself take in the good memories you feel and the closeness you feel to the other people who were involved in making each item special to you!



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